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Velez – Malaga: The Place of Spanish Spices

Velez – Malaga: The Place of Spanish Spices

Do you have a plan to visit in Spain?

Each part of Spain has a different story to tell. The autonomous community of Andalusia is one of those parts. And, is a small region of this community. It is in the Malaga province.

Velez has become a central attraction for tourists because of its colorful appearance and hospitable people. Less than hundred thousand people live in Velez though the economy is becoming dependable on tourism.

The place attracts people from all over the world with some outstanding annual events. Along with those events, the availability of historical sites has become another reason for welcoming tourists.

Velez – Malaga: The Place of Spanish Spices – Where is it?

Right in the center of Malaga

For any football fan, Malaga is a known name. This is a province of Andalusia and Velez is a village or municipality of Malaga.

You can take any form of transportation to visit the city. Mostly, people go there from Jerez by train. There are buses and bikes too for shorter distances. The best way to get in is grabbing a plane from any part of Europe to Malaga international airport. This will help you in enjoying the holiday more.

“I’m in Velez, where will I stay?”

Is an emerging tourist spot. So, you will get a plenty of hotels in the central part. Most of them are affordable. There are some private resorts for tourists. You have the option to choose any of them if your budget supports.

“What is the internal transportation system?”

The most comforting part of visiting Velez-Malaga is biking. Tourists can rent a bike and travel from one side to another side of Velez on it. The place is famous for bikes and festivals. All you need is having an international driving license.

Also, trams are the most popular and cheap way of traveling in the area. You should buy a ticket and get on while going somewhere.

“All ok. What Will I see in Velez?”

If you are in Velez at the right time of the year, there is a plenty of things to enjoy! The first thing we are going to mention is the San Miguel Pilgrimage is a highly popular festival. It occurs in September.

The colorful procession by the people of the city and foreigners is the main thing of the San Miguel festival. The fair lasts for a week.

Alcazaba La Fortaleza is a fortress of Velez. This site remains crowded in every month of the year. You need to find a way to get in for taking some pictures. This is basically a tower representing the mighty empires of Spain.

Casa Cervantes is a historic site with the maximum amount of attraction from people. You will get in touch with the Spanish colonizing period while visiting this place.

It will be regretful if you come and miss one of the best art museums in the world. Centro de Arte Contemporaneo de Velez is a significant art museum of contemporary Spanish culture.

In any part of Spain, churches get the best architectural view. Velez-Malaga is also included among them. Iglesia de Santa Maria de la Encarnacion is the most visited church of the region. You should take a look inside it too. The terracotta on the walls and sculptures with the modern Gothic style will make your day shinier.

If you have a plenty of interest in Spanish art, culture, and history, Museo de Velez is the right place to step in. This is a history museum. There are relics kept from the previous centuries. Those remind how Spain was one of the most dominating nations of the world.

“What Will I Eat in Velez?”

There are restaurants with the most typical foods from around the world. If you are truly affectionate about traveling, you should try for the Spanish dishes. You can try the Spanish vegetable curry in Velez. It is spicy and a tasteful food.

Any place in Andalusia is famous for the viniculture. You will find one of the best wines in the world. Try something new with their Sherry White Wine. Drinking something original is a new thing to do.

Shopping in Velez

The place is famous for shopping. You will find clothes and spices in really cheap rate. If you want to take some souvenir with you while traveling in Velez-Malaga, purchase something from the streets. These are low priced yet best product to take out for your friends and family.

Security of Velez-Malaga

Is a small area of Malaga. There are alleys. You should not enter some areas restricted for tourists in the middle of the night. Instead of these restrictions, Velez is a perfect place to make a plan for your next holiday. ENJOY!


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