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Best outdoor activities for adventurers in Torremolinos

Best outdoor activities for adventurers in Torremolinos

Are you an adventurer?

Do you like to take some moderate level of challenges while you are on tour? If all the answers are ‘Yes,’ Torremolinos is the perfect place for you. Earlier, a poor fishing village, Torremolinos is a small municipality in southern Spain. The exotic locations and scopes of adventure have made it into a resort town.

Best outdoor activities for adventurers in Torremolinos

What to do?

The friendly inhabitants will never let you feel alone. Besides, you will get plenty of options to enjoy your vacation here. Few of the man adventurous activities are narrowed down for your consideration.


  • Bicycle riding: Do you love riding bicycles? Well, you would be glad to know that the region will offer the best bicycle ride ever you had. Riding on the hilltops with a bike is a truly loveable experience. If you do not own a bicycle, you can hire one with the best reasonable price. Some bicycle hiring service providers are there to meet your needs. Just fill in the form, and the bicycle is yours for the rest of the day.


  • The boat trip: Want to meet some dolphins? An exciting hour-long boat trip is waiting for you. The boat trip will take you to play hide and seek with the dolphins. The boat ride is better in the afternoon. Sitting on the boat and enjoying nature with a glass of soft drink – the best experience ever. Besides, the ship is comfortable for everyone, and you can also swim in the sea to feel refreshed.


  • Dive under the sea: Diving is for those who want to explore the underneath of the sea. The sea offers the exciting scenes of the world that most of the people ignore. Whenever you dive, the sea world will welcome you with the warmth of their heart. Diving under the sea is adorable indeed who never had such experience before.


  • Golf Torrequebrada: Wondering how to get a fantastic day? The golf course is waving at you. Just visit the place and the surrounding nature will make you feel refreshed. Though the class is smaller in length, its layout is superb. You cannot imagine how attractive the game would be once you begin.

  • Free tour: Want to know about the local culture and rituals? Some free tours are there to help you out. You can ask for the reservation at your respective hotels. The trips will refresh your mind alongside entertaining you with local traditional foods and drinks.

  • Some exercises: When you are tired of visiting places and need some physical movement, the large gym renders you an excellent service. The well-equipped gym allows the tourists and locals to use the instruments and get good health. There is no alternative to a gym to stay fit and healthy.

  • Crocodile Park: If you are interested in reptiles or love to check something different, the crocodile park is a great place to visit. While the park is inhabited by a notable number of crocodiles of varying age and category, you can observe them from a close distance. But you have to be careful about the safety issues.


  • Visiting beaches: Feeling bored with all the other outdoor activities? Well. No worries. The beaches are there to be with you. Walking down the sandy beach can relieve your mind. Besides, the sunrise and the sunset views are charming indeed. Most of the tourists there do not want to miss the scenes. Hope you would enjoy the pictures in your way.

Last but not the least

Torremolinos is one of the best places on the earth for making some holidays. There are no issues about safety and security. But accidents may happen at any time and without any notice.

Therefore, as a traveler, you have to remain careful about everything. Carry local currency (Euros) when you are out and inform the venue before your hotel authority. At the same time, check in the places you are visiting on your social profile.

Wish you a fabulous trip!

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