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Six must visit places during summer in Nerja

Six must visit places during summer Nerja

First of all, planning for a vacation is tough if you do not have any specific destination. Selection of destination requires some insights too. I’m not one of them to spend time after screening. Instead, I prefer random spots, and it appears the best to me.

Last summer, I’d selected Nerja, a small resort town in Spain. This is an excellent place for both family and individual.

Six of the best things to see and do here is narrowed down for your consideration.

Six must visit places during summer Nerja

First of all, play

Want a beach holiday?

When you want to meet the sandy beaches in Spain, Playa de Burriana in Nerja is the best place. The charming beach will help you enjoy a relaxed day. The memories you will have here will haunt (!) you all the time.

The floating cloud, deep blue sky, and the skyline, lovely sunset and sunrise views – all are magical. They will cast some unforgettable impact on your mind. This is the best-adorned beach resorts and renders a large number of fun activities.

Earn some pre-historic knowledge

The Nerja Cave is a place enriched with historical evidence. So, if you are hungry for some ancient culture, you can pay a visit there. The cave system is said to be used by the population of the Bronze Age.

The relics discovered in the cave are on display for the visitors. All the elements can hold your attention. The cave has magnificent chambers which were rediscovered in this modern age.

Balcon de Europa

If you are lucky enough and the weather is clear, you would have the chance to enjoy the views from this large veranda. You could have the opportunity of experiencing the native life of the region, and the surrounding picturesque view is breathtaking.

The veranda is termed the balcony of Europe because it renders a unique view. The location will provide the basic idea about the life of Nerja. Everyone who visits the place is in love with the sea views.

The sculptures on the plaza are great places to have some fabulous clicks. The New Year celebration is one of the most aimed events for people.

Want some beach activities?

The beach here in Playa el Salon is filled with enriched with excellent sands. The sands are the critical reasons for attracting numerous visitors to the area. You are liberal to do whatever you want to do on the sandy beach line.

Most of the people visit the area for relaxation and build their memories. But if you want to fill your belly during the romantic hours, make sure you are carrying the foods and beverages as the area will not render any restaurant to the visitors.

Fan of water sports?

No worries! Nerja is a heaven for the people who love water sports. You will have the most exceptional diving experience of your life under the water of summer Nerja. Besides, you can rent a small kayak to make a short trip.

The natural park has too many things to offer the visitors, and you will have the best look from the sea. This is the perfect place to get some outstanding clicks. The diving center is a jewel and has several courses for the divers too. Snorkeling is another exciting activity there.

Aquavelis Water Park

People who want some artificial entertainment, while a Water Park is the best place for them. It’s a great place for kids too. The best time to visit the park is in the afternoon, and there are over different 20 rides to enthrall the visitors.

The small pools and slides will occupy the little visitors as long as they are there. The park also contains a spacious wave pool which creates some artificial waves that you will feel like surfing at a beach.

All the activities in Nerja are stimulating and able to refresh your mind. If you do not have a plan, you can keep this place on your card to pay a short visit. No wonder that your stay would be more extended than you expect once you reach here.

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