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Places you shouldn’t miss in Estepona

Places you shouldn’t miss in Estepona

Don’t you think passing a relaxed afternoon sitting beside a palm-lined promenade is an interesting thing? Yes, it is and the resort town Estepona renders the best service to the visitors here.

In fact, the visitors will fall in love with the adjacent environment and particularly the restaurants. Wait … Estepona has many more places to offer.

Here is a list of five splendid places that will provide the most memorable experience of your life. Go through the rest of the text and hope you would enjoy reading and visiting the places.

Places you shouldn’t miss in Estepona


Hope you are not unfamiliar with the name Pablo Picasso. He was born here and the city has some representations of his artworks. People love to shop here while the shops provide the best possible things at a reasonable rate.

The restaurants have the best chefs who can make the most delicious meals in the region. Don’t miss those.


Once it was the capital of the Moorish kingdom, Granada is now a great attraction for everyone. The visit in Spain remains incomplete if you do not step in this city. The night view of the Moorish royal place is striking but you have to enjoy it from outside.

Entrance is allowed during the daytime and an early move could be beneficial. Besides, the alluring gardens are the second attraction for the visitors. They are truly nice place clicking some wonderful photos.

The mouth-watering dishes are the other attractions for visitors. You will have a number of restaurants that will cater your hunger with traditional dishes.


The desire to meet some historical monuments will be fulfilled after your visit to Cordoba. The structures located here belong to the 11th century and they have distinguished structural styles.

Once, the city was one of the greatest one in terms of culture and heritage. The city proudly owns some of the most famous Muslim and Jewish architectures. The present scenario is completely opposite than past and the night outs are amazing.

Some of the fabulous restaurants are located within the boundary of the city that you should not miss.


Many of the ships and boats are afraid to pass the water here for police and customs activities, but you won’t believe how wonderful the location is. The city offers a guided tour through a minibus.


The particular points are like the Europa Point is a nice place to visit. Don’t miss the St.Michale’s Cave as well. The surrounding views are thrilling and you can see Spain, Gibraltar, and Africa together. This could be a unique experience in your life.


Let’s step into the cultural arena in the region. Seville is the center of culture and history of the locality. And this is a compact zone. Almost all the notable sights of the city are located around.

Strolling across the lanes will take you back to the 18th century that will provide a feeling of traveling to the past.

The port named El Arenal is another appealing site that will enthrall you during the trip. Foodies will have the best options to taste the delicious local dishes and beverages. In fact, there are numbers of bars and restaurants are available here to serve your needs.


The new bridge was built in the 18th century that will hold all your attention. Lots of people come every day to see the bridge and surrounding areas. Not only this huge structure is striking, the entire area is spectacular to look.

Besides, you can pay a visit to the bullrings that is the oldest one in Spain. Walking down the cobbled alleys will provide a mesmerizing experience during the night times. Besides, participation at the mountain biking is exciting indeed.

Traveling is a hobby that triggers the sense of earning practical knowledge and simultaneously enriches your real-life skills. The places mentioned here are adorable and able to help you gain some important life skills too.

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