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Ayamonte: The Daughter of Guadiana

Ayamonte: The Daughter of Guadiana

If you are interested in enjoying the real Spanish countryside during your holiday, there is no better place than Ayamonte. This is a small but one of the most popular places among the visitors. The actual attraction of the place is a plenty of beaches along with resorts.

Also, the city is neat and clean. This city has all the elements to surprise a tourist. This is why the place has become a mandatory part of every tourist whenever they visit Spain and Andalucia.

Where is Ayamonte?

Of course in Spain!

Ayamonte is exactly located in Huelva, a renowned province of Spain. A beautiful river named Guadiana is flowing by the village. The best way for traveling to Ayamonte is from Jerez de la Frontera. All you have to do is landing at the airport and take a bus from there. It will take an hour to reach this beautifully organized place, Ayamonte.

However, you can also get in from Seville depending on your plan for the tour. Having a break in Jerez will be a good idea for designing an extraordinary holiday plan.

What to Do in Ayamonte?

Whatever you want! Here is a short list which will help you in finding the appropriate places to visit on the tour.


Unlike the long marine drives, Ayamonte has got something more special. There are resorts and sea-facing hotels near the beaches at an affordable price. The breeze of the sea is so fascinating that you can also stay at night.

There are a lot of activities going on Ayamonte beaches. Kitesurfing and windsurfing are two very popular sports at these beaches. And, guess what? They are absolutely low in price!

If you like sailing, you will get an opportunity of renting a boat and sail on the water. It only requires your commitment to be a good sailor. For beginners, they provide necessary equipment along with a guide. So, enjoy the time as much as you want.

Playa Isla Canela is the most attractive beach resort. You may have to complete a reservation process before getting in the place.


Every Spanish city has its own tone of tradition. Ayamonte is not excluded from the list. If you are lucky enough for visiting during September, you can participate in Fiestas de las Angústias. This festival is for commemorating the great doings of Angústias. People bring out beautiful processions with a lot of colors.

You will be able to hear the sweet Spanish music and tango dance. Streets of Ayamonte become fulfilled with color. The people of Andalusia, including Ayamonte, have a vibe in their blood. Their hospitable mindset will win your heart.


Are you a big fan of golf and don’t get much time to play? Spend your holiday in Ayamonte and get one of the most attractive golf courses in Spain. There is a golf course in Marismas.

Marismas is a marsh of Ayamonte and wildlife is preserved there. You will have to follow certain rules for playing in this area. But the enjoyment is limitless. The marshland is covered with water and different types of plants. You can take a tour there too.

Isla Canela

When you enter in Ayamonte, you will see the adjacent island. This is a natural island. The best part of the island is that you don’t have to get a boat to get to Isla Canela. There is a bridge and you can even take a walk!

If you are a fan of adventure, you can also take a canoe for roaming in the water of Guadiana. The river is right in the middle of the island and the city town.

Parks and Museum

Huelva is a province with a plenty of wildlife reserves. There is one in Ayamonte. The Municipal Park of Ayamonte has preserved some rare Spanish species. You can take a look and spend some hours there. For sure, the time will be well spent!

To commemorate the famous sculptor of the town, Antonio León Ortega, there is a museum with his arts. You will find the real taste of Spanish and Andalusian culture and tradition.


Where to Eat and Stay

The street food of Ayamonte is famous for its spicy taste. However, you can get any food from restaurants. The place is an emerging tourist spot. So, there are a few hotels nearby. If you are planning a visit in September, you may have to make reservations.

Ayamonte is a safe place to visit. You will not need a guide if you have a Google Map. And, the people are very friendly and hospitable to the outsiders. They are going to treat you well. So, grab your clothes and shoes and start visiting the Spanish cities including Ayamonte. Have fun on the next holiday!

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