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How I enjoyed the day-long trip in Albaicin

How I enjoyed the day-long trip in Albaicin

Spain is filled with numerous wonderful visiting sites and the trip remains incomplete if you do not have a day-long trip to Albaicin.

The entire location is filled with the relics of Arab architectures. The narrow streets remind the visitors of the past days. Actually, the region was dominated by the Arabs for over 700 years.

Thus, you will find the Arab influence in most of the architectures. They are really adorable and render some of the excellent views.


How I enjoyed the day-long trip in Albaicin


The best time to visit the place in the afternoon.

The sun comes with a less heat and you are able to enjoy the natural scenario to the fullest extent. In fact, the afternoon adventures in Albaicin are preferable to most of the outsiders.

They enjoy most at this time of the day while there are ample options of enjoyment are available too.

Walking up the hill is one of the best activities here that I enjoyed during my last visit. I walked up the hill and got some of the best pictures of my life. The surrounding views turn to the excellent during this time of the day. In fact, it was a peaceful walk ever.


If you are a food lover,

you will have a heaven here. The local and Moroccan dishes will fill your stomach perfectly. The prices are reasonable too.

Sitting at a corner table and taking meal is exciting indeed. You can see life is passing you by. The road and the people here are lovely while the backdrop will provide a sense of joy while taking the meal.


Want to get lost in a beautiful town?

This is the perfect place with lots of thrills. Nature will embrace you with all its blessings. The hilltops, the sidewalks, the little cafes, the souvenir shops, and overall a warm day is enough to make you lost.

Being one of the UNESCO sites in Spain, the Albaicin contains some of the narrow streets. The region was under Muslim domination for ages but now this is an autonomous place.

The other key attractions are the narrow streets which were made during the Moorish rules. But the charms are not gone yet.

The fantastic views are still available. You will have the view of the Alhambra palace from any of the parts of the city.


One of the key attractions is the Church of San Salvador.

This place is most famous for the horseshoe arches in the Albayzin mosque. Besides, the ceiling and particularly the old water tank of the mosque will remind you of the past days.

The church is a blend of Moorish relics and Classicism. If you have an interest in old architectures, this is a must for you.


Want to spend some lonely moments?

Yes, there are some places here which will render the best paths. The Carrera Del Darro is considered as the oldest street in the city.

It is adjacent to the river Darro. You can walk down the river and get some picturesque view of the Moorish architecture.

Besides, the location is adorned with some special and nice-looking bridges. Life appears stopped here. Most of the people pass their time here under the shades located in parks.


No wonder, you would be thrilled at the Arab Baths.

The place still has the charm as it had in its past days. The entire place was used for several purposes and mostly men used to be here to get somebody massages or haircuts.

The natural ventilation system is still operational and provides a sense of joy to the visitors. Though the earlier options are unavailable in the present context, you can enjoy some special moments here.

Moreover, if you want some crispy fish or snail dishes, the Bar Aliatar is the perfect place. A couple of dishes from this bar have gained huge popularity among the external people.

They come here only to enjoy the snail dishes with mouthwatering spices. The outstanding view is the other reason for crowding here.


The experience that I got from visiting this place is loveable indeed.

The city has turned into a city of the festival. The city streets are adorned with various striking lights that make the nighttime special for the outsiders. Do not miss the chance to visit this place if you are in Spain.

At least pay a visit for a single day, and believe me you will gain numerous experience in your lifetime.

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